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Fried Wings

Choice of dry rub, homemade smoked tomato BBQ, buffalo, Nashville hot, teriyaki, teri hot, garlic parmesan or Cajun ranch

8 Count $1112 Count $1516 Count $19
Side Item:House Fries +$4Potato Salad +$4Fresh Crispy Green Beans +$4Roasted Wild Mushrooms +$4Baked Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon Butter +$4Baked Potato w/ Butter & Sour Cream +$4Collard Greens +$4Roasted Cauliflower +$4Grilled Asparagus w/ Oven Dried Tomatoes +$4Coleslaw +$4Roasted Brussel Sprouts +$4Smoked, Bacon Mac N Cheese +$4Seasonal Fruit +$4
Wing Sauces (Select 1):Dry Rub Homemade Smoked Tomato BBQ Buffalo Nashville Hot Teriyaki Teri Hot Garlic Parmesan Cajun Ranch